Montag, 29. Oktober 2007

BackTrack 2.0 & VMWare Fusion

Ich hatte vor einigen Tagen eine BackTrack 2.0 Live CD hier rumliegen und wollte diese in eine neue VMWare auf meinem MacBook installieren. Dabei stieß ich auf ein paar kleine Probleme....

Nach ein bisschen suchen, fand ich eine Anleitung im Netz die ich niemandem vorenthalten möchte:

Kann dazu nur sagen: Bei mir läufts super! :) (Konnt zwar noch nicht wirklich was testen, aber das System an sich läuft)

This should actually work in any vmware, but I’ve only done it in

VMWare Fusion (OS X 10.4)

Launch vmware fusion and select a new installation. I chose Linux,
and a linux 2.6 kernel and then labelled it BackTrack2-Final. I did
this intentionally as there is a new release of BT coming out that I
also intend on installing ;)

For the sake of speed, I launched BT from the downloaded ISO rather
than cd, but either should work fine. I went with the default 8G
option but opted to have the files split into 2G each.

Log in using root/toor, then startx

Open a terminal and do the following:

fdisk /dev/sda

We’re going to create 3 partitions at this point. The first
partition is overly generous at 100M, but I’m funny like that. The
second is our swap partition which I generally make 1024M/1G. We
assign the remainder of the disk to eventually be used as /

Within fdisk, issue the following commands to do this.


The w command within fdisk will write your changes to disk.

I’m a fan of ext3, so I then did the following:

mke2fs -j /dev/sda1
mke2fs -j /dev/sda3
mkswap /dev/sda2
swapon /dev/sda2

This will make sda1 and sda3 ext3 filesystems and enable swap on sda2.

Now cd to /tmp and do the following.

mkdir boot
mkdir bt2
mount /dev/sda1 boot
mount /dev/sda3 bt2

Ok, now launch the BT Installer from the KDE start menu, located
under System as BackTrack Installer. The place you are installing to
is /tmp/bt2 and I chose a full install since I have the space for it.

There may be a significant pause at 80%. Don’t Panic. This is
normal, just wait it out. You are free to panic if it’s still there
30 minutes later, but it shouldn’t take that long at all.

Viola. You have a BackTrack2 install in VMWare to use and abuse to
your hearts content on your macbook :)

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dein blog sieht gut aus.
schlicht und elegant...und auch multilingual;)
danke für den hinweis auf meinem letzten eintrag.
schönes wochenende noch.